What did you get for Christmas? Something awesome? A special gift you’ve had your eye on all year? Maybe a complete surprise that had you jumping for joy as soon as you tore off the wrapping paper. I hope so.

There’s a very strange looping video that plays on cable access channels each year on Christmas day. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s a burning log. When I first saw it I thought it must be a joke, but it is a real show of just a burning log. Even better, I hear there’s a channel of rotisserie chicken. I leave the surprise for your discovery if you’ve yet to see it but the main plot line consists of cooking.

I have an even better idea for a video to loop on Christmas day – yes even better than an endlessly burning log – a montage of people’s faces while they open their presents. Happiness and pleasure infectiously rolling off the screen. One of my favourite parts of “Love Actually” are the airport scenes showing real shots of friends and family greeting each other – it’s pure love on film.

With that thought in mind my intuition has guided me to make a gratitude list for my presents, but in a different style. I do love the material gifts I received – absolutely treasure them. And I also want to pay attention to the intangibles I’ve gotten throughout the year – the invisible gifts that are still giving me a very warm glow.

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The Pain of Severance

It’s Over. Done. Finished.

Ending a relationship – personal or professional – you know it’s necessary but it is still painful feels so disruptive. Where energy has been mingling and communicating, it now separates and you feel that absence acutely.

If I had to characterize this year, 2011, for me – I can call it my year of beginnings and endings. I have ended ties, partnerships (personal and professional), a career, a mentorship, and (this was particularly hard) friendships.

And yet I’ve also begun new things that give me purpose and fulfill passion. In order for these new things to come into my life, as well as the new stuff that is on its way right now, these chaotic endings HAD to happen. I believe that pain can only strengthen you in the long run and that what you are given you are always strong enough to handle.

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Reading this article today regarding North Korea’s funeral for the recently departed “Dear Leader”, Kim Jong-Il. As I expected, scores of pictures and video went viral showing funeral goers weeping and wailing. And I mean, wailing. Big time crying, “ugly snot” type crying, the type the you only do a few times in your life and since you were 4 years old and your older brother ruined your toys.

A friend remarked on this last week with a chuckle when we met up for a Christmas Guinness. All those people crying over a guy like him? The article made some valid points and I agree with them but they left out an important part: emotions are contagious – like a virus – but spread via energy fields.

Like 99.99% of the rest of us, this guy was not my favorite person. No admiration, no respect, definitely no love lost. A man that lived in excess while the majority of his citizens starved is someone that’s difficult, if not impossible, to care about.

And yet – if I (god forbid) I happened to be stuck in that country during that time and the camera was on me you can bet I would be doing my own ugly snot cry, wailing and weeping with the rest of them.

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Energy Tool: Heart Power

Your energy body/field contains an incredible amount of information about your physical body, emotions, mental state, and more. It is also very good at picking up info from other energy bodies around it: people, plants, things – animal, vegetable, mineral – you name it.

If you are unaware of your energy body and in a volatile, stressful, or just plain icky atmosphere… well of course you will take on negative vibes and have it affect your mood, health, and energy.

The good news – it’s very easy to turn the tables around and, instead, generate positive energy for yourself. An awesome side effect: YOU will be the one now affecting those around you with your positive field and this positive vibration is exponentially more powerful than any negative one.

I taught this energy tool (one that I learned and adapted from the wonderful Heartmath organization) at my last workshop with great success.

Here’s how it works:

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Energy Drains: Shopping!

Boxing day shopping! Did I venture out, even though there was a coat I’ve been eyeing and longing for? I stayed home! The crowds, the hectic energy, the fuss, the mayhem, nothing swayed me. I stayed away from boxing day shopping because I slept in!

In previous years I would have been very wary of venturing out to the mall and stores on Boxing Day but today it is different. I even went to the mall on Christmas Eve. Twice! And you know what, nothing bothered me. The stress, frustration, irritation,  impatience of previous years stayed far away from ME. Me – the girl that was the Olympic Impatience Team, every year, gold medal undefeated in my home.

I used to beat myself up about it too. I’d feel irritated while shopping, maybe snap at someone, feel terrible and guilty afterward, vow to not go shopping on crowded days anymore… then do the same thing again the next year. But what I figured out was, not all of my shopping impatience and irritation was originating with me. This is true for you too – you can feel ok about getting shopping-grumpy.

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