Medical Intuition and healing comparison woundsDid you know that the act of forgiveness results in simultaneous weight loss? Scientifically proven and true. This includes forgiveness you extend towards yourself.

Now we’re talking grams/ounces here peeps, not mass poundage. But it is something significant enough that you will *feel* it in your body.

I had this experience yesterday when I asked a dear friend to witness my letting go of painful events I was tired of carrying around.  Read More

Intuition and communicating with energy“Can you see ghosts? Do you talk to dead people?”

Common questions I receive as a medical intuitive and someone that works with energy, and the answers are not so straightforward as you might think: no and sort of.

Ok, I guess the answers are pretty simple. But there’s a little more to it and a bit of backstory.

When I was 5 years old I watched a television movie one night with my dad, just the two of us. A sweet picture right? This was was back in the days before those advisories came on the screen before the start of a program and after each commercial break. You know the ones I’m talking about: “This program has scenes that are inappropriate for young children. Viewer discretion is advised.”

My dad was a good father but he had his missteps, one of which was recognizing what movies your kindergartener should not watch. Now he was fully aware that scenes of a sexual nature were off limits but scary thrillers? Eh, not so much. If obliviousness is a genetic trait I know exactly who I got it from.

Back to the movie. I remember the plot to this day: a woman with a nasty mean husband conspires with the husband’s mistress to murder him and dump the body. And I completely recall the scene that scared my pants off and set my hair on end: they go to recover the body where they dumped it in the muddy, leaf strewn estate swimming pool only to find it missing.

It was gone. Freaky right? I can still recall the eerie cello theme music.

And when I went to bed right after, my body struck back. This is the memory that’s particularly crystal clear: unable to get the scene where the two “killers” dumped the body out of my mind I kept picturing it over and over again.

And then I felt it – it started in my chest, in my heart area (right where I could feel the heebie-jeebies the strongest): a feeling of pressure and intense heat. Then it was like a fire spread through the rest of my body.

By the time I called out for my parents, it was a full-blown fever. No other symptoms then or later, nothing serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit or the emergency room – just a very overheated little body that stayed that way for the next 3 days.

I had to miss 3 days of kindergarten – the one time in your life you really dislike missing school. And, looking back, that was my first lesson on the effects of emotion on the physical body. How funny to realize how early my medical intuitive training actually started.

Back to present day. I know that for me, the dominant trigger that will upset my body’s balance is fear. It does take a little more than a freaky movie to set it off, but if I know that something will scare the bejeebus out of me I steer clear.

Except when I forget and dabble in temptation – much like Pandora just couldn’t resist a little peek in the box…

A few years back I was in an old hotel with an associate long accustomed to viewing apparitions, i.e. ghosts. We were in the elevator when she happend to remark, oh so casually, about a gentleman that appeared and vanished. An ephemereal peeping-tom, perhaps.

And I’ll admit I got jealous. While I’ve always been able to tap into energies of beings past and present, seeing them visually has eluded me. so I said to myself, “Why can’t I see things like that?”

That same night, in that very hotel, I could not get to sleep. Not simple insomnia, but something more. Every time I closed my eyes and started to drift off I would feel something like a shove or a poke in the arm and become wide awake. I didn’t fall asleep until I finally got that this was the answer to my previous question:

“You don’t see things like that, you silly, because even though you enjoy being a medical intuitive, there are still things that freak your pants off!”

Point taken. A little rude in the delivery, but message loud and clear.

So about those ghosts…

Feel them? Yes.

Sense their energy? Yes.

Receive messages? In a way, yes.

See them? My choice is: no thank you!

NametagLast year was a big year for me as a woman, as a medical intuitive, as a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, as a student of life.

2012 was essentially a year of change – for me, for friends, for clients, maybe for you too. Big change, uncomfortable change, joyful change.

It was also a big year of letting go, of things falling away, dear things I thought were concrete and sure and most definitely had a place in my life:

  • A friend that was like a sister
  • A beloved
  • The closest thing I had to an older brother
  • A mentor
  • A dream

So much (and so many) dropped away that I stopped keeping track (a mistake to begin with) and was forced to take a close, uncomfortable look at what it was doing to me to try to hang on to what was leaving and falling apart.

I took a deep breath.

I didn’t like what I saw.  Read More

Medical Intuition and the Self Love SaladWe all haul psychic burdens around every day, every hour, even in sleep, and it’s no wonder our physical bodies scrunch and tighten, the vertebrae strained and stressed, to try to compensate for these energetic weights.

A psychic burden is simply something you are carrying in your psyche – your mind – letting it weigh you down, unable to let it go no matter how much you think you want to.

Here’s a truth about me: I put my foot in mouth more often than I’d like (albeit accidentally). I’ll say something that feels fairly innocent and innocuous (to me) only to cringe later and realize it wasn’t the best thing to say (out loud).

Embarrassed and contrite, 99% of the time I’ll apologize.

But then, very occasionally I won’t. In those one or two incidences, I’ll push back, “No, it’s not me – it’s you. Yes it is, it’s you.” Read More

“Medical Intuitive” is one of those professions where (almost always), after I’ve introduced myself, I’m trying to explain what it is that I do. These explanations can be tricky since I’ve got to straddle a fine line between passion and getting caught up in dizzying illustrations of energy bodies and congested emotions, and just what’s simple and easy-to-understand.

Depending on how good a job I’ve done, my explainee could walk away clearer or… running. If I’ve gotten my conversation companion really interested, there’s the chance the subject could veer off, waaaay off, into the deep end of “ghosts”, the paranormal, etc.

It’s off the deep end because while the existence of these things is a somewhat separate matter from medical intuition I will say that learning to work with energy and teaching medical intuitive training did open me up to the unseen possibilities and the fact that there is a whole lot more going on in the world than what our physical senses tell us.

Have I had experiences that would qualify as paranormal? Yes, absolutely.

Have I had times where I thought something spooky was going on but it was really just me being weird? Oh yes… and I’ll get to that in a moment. Read More