A Look at Jealousy



I want what you have!

I should have what you have.

WHY don’t I have what you have?

Whew. Jealousy – just typing the word makes me cringe. We’ve all felt it, at one time or another, and I think if you’re really interested in getting past it you need to do more than shove it under the rug or pretend it’s not there.

Show it, or admit you’re feeling it, and it’s like wearing a scarlet letter or splashing red paint over your head. If you’re jealous, you are supposedly admitting to having something “ugly” within you.

But really, it IS just a feeling. A legitimate feeling. And if you have it, this is not a reason to feel shame or guilt or beat yourself up – that just compounds the problem. Like any other emotion with a lower vibration (sadness, anger, etc.) jealousy is just a sign that there is something inside you that needs exploring – gentle examination.

What have you got to lose if you do a little poking at it? You’re already feeling something painful and let’s be honest, this is hurting you way more than the person you’re jealous of. But if you can understand why you’re feeling this way, you have a really good chance of feeling better fast.

I think Byron Katie said it best,

“I don’t let go of concepts—I question them. Then they let go of me.”

There is more than one way to go about questioning jealousy and having it loosen its grips on you. Byron Katie has some great resources and if you’re curious, please feel free to email me for other suggestions.

My own most recent experience, the one that inspired this blog post, had me on the receiving end of the jealousy. And ugh, while that’s different from feeling it yourself, having it aimed at you is still no picnic. 

In the past month I have been feeling very happy with my work and getting an influx of new clients. I love doing energy work – LOVE it. I can  go off for 100 blog posts talking about this very subject. It’s an amazing experience to connect with people and especially to be of service in this way.

My happiness with my work was not shared by everyone, even though I did try to be very sensitive with relaying the good news. The cold shoulders that followed were puzzling and a little hurtful until I gained some deeper insight from a mentor. Her words really opened my eyes and set me straight on what was going on.

As a medical intuitive I am in the healing profession. Clients that come to me, and my colleagues, are looking for information about themselves, their bodies, their emotions, wanting healing, relief on an energetic, emotional, and physical level. They are feeling stuck in their health situations and/or in their life situations. They want something more than what they’ve received from the usual channels.

Given that – the position the clients are in – the feeling of jealousy in this situation gets a glaringly harsh spotlight. It becomes more than just being jealous over a new car or house. To say, “I should be getting clients!” takes all concern away from the client and it becomes about Ego.

And Ego says, “It’s more important that I get clients than the clients getting the help they need!”

Yes, I know – yuck.

But do you see what I mean? Looked at from this very honest perspective, jealousy – if you are feeling it – lets go of you.

For me, this was a lesson I will cherish. It caused me to hold even more firmly to my credo that I always attract the clients that I can help and be of service to. And if a potential client chooses to see another medical intuitive, I know that this is the right move for them because the absolute most important thing is that they get the help they are seeking – whether that is from me or another intuitive is immaterial.

As for competition and competitors – I think a dear friend said it best when she told me her company’s policy:

“Every competitor is a potential partner”