Another Day, Another Blog

Here I am again!

I think I start blogs more often than I get shoes. That’s probably close to the mark – my shoe collection is rather modest.

I do have another blog I’m doing reasonably well with – it’s been nearly 3 months and it’s still active. Yay me! But I am feeling like I need another space that’s just my own, a Brioso Blog if you will.

Why “Brioso”? It just clicked for me and I followed my intuition to make it my business name. Brioso means health, vitality, liveliness, energy in Italian, all things I want to personify my business, life philosophy, and what I want to impart to my clients.

And… well, my first choice was “Brio” as in “Con Brio”, a musical term (I do love my piano) meaning, “with vigor!”

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, Brio was taken when I tried to register it as a business name. Understandably, the people that had registered it were keeping it close, as they kindly explained in their response to my query.

But my guidance told me to keep going with the word and… TADA! Add two letters “so” and you’ve got “Brioso”! A word with the same meaning and an additional lucky syllable. Thank you, Italian language for saving me from hunting longer for a different name.

And here we have it, Brioso Holistics, and my first blog post solely written for the company.

This may be my dryest blog post ever. But I did need some kind of welcome topic and this fits.

I’ll do better next time, I promise.