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Elise, Certified Medical IntuitiveAre you thinking about contacting a Medical Intuitive because you’re frustrated with how your body has turned against you? Doctors are testing this and that – and maybe they’re calling you “crazy” or saying “it’s all in your head”. You know it’s not.

Maybe you have gotten so used to the repetitive cycles of medication, doctor’s visits, trying this and that… and what was once hope for pain relief, wellness and peace has become repetition and fatigue.

You might be asking yourself if it’s really possible to have your body become healthy again.

It can seem like an impossible dream that would take years of hard work, piles of medications, and drastic life changes.

You can feel there is an answer but you don’t know what it is.

Your doctors have given up but you haven’t.

Actually, the secret to wellness is “hidden” in plain sight – it’s you


Healing the body and mind only partly involves treating the physical form. Real, lasting healing starts deep within and extends to each part of your life.

The good news is, this type of true wellness is not a long, expensive, tiring struggle. You keep paying and can’t get rid of it, no matter how much you spend and how hard you try to let go. But you CAN release it, with peace and without pain.

Your doctors don’t have the answers, your body has all the answers, and I can help you find them – healing IS possible for you. This works.

My name is Elise and I am a former software engineer and technical writer turned Certified Medical Intuitive, Speaker, and Intuitive Training Mentor. I divide my time between a Professional Medical Intuition Practice and providing Medical Intuitive Training. For more than 35 years I have watched my family face crippling diagnoses and it has sent me on a determined journey to change how illness and disease are treated – and unlock the healing potential right under our noses.

Working together, we will use my medical intuitive training and experience to uncover what your body is trying to tell you – the real reason at the root of the illness and pain; how to release those subconscious blocks to healing; connect to your inner guidance and source; and re-ignite the flame of your true purpose – to live happy and healthy.

Let’s get started


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Complimentary Medical Intuitive Discovery Session

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Receive a 20-minute complimentary discovery session and learn how to accelerate your healing using medical intuitive guidance and the energy body approach.

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Medical Intuitive Healing Scans

Medical Intuition Scans

Brioso Holistics offers complete Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions.   Medical Intuition is a proven healing method. Your body emits electricity and when your physical or emotional health are weakened, there are disruptions in this energy that are visible to a medical intuitive. Medical Intuition offers the benefit of getting your energy flowing freely on the path to health and abundance. Dissolve Energy Blocks = Create A New Outcome All Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions can be done:  In-person at my office […]

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Medical Intuitive Training


You ARE a natural intuitive and have the potential to become more with Medical Intuitive Training. You have the ability, the energy and the talent – it is something you were born with. All you need is practice and mentoring – to learn how to enhance your existing intuitive abilities, freeing your energetic potential. Two Ways to Train in Intuition:  One: Group Workshops Through my intuitive development classes I have come to meet people from all walks of life, all curious, and […]

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